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Draft Order Attributes

Get more control over order attributes on your Shopify store.

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Rely on Delivery Dates in the Attributes?

Some fulfillment processes, notifications or packing slip templates need to show the delivery date.

Orders created from Drafts won't have those fields missing any longer.

Using Attributes for Product Customisation?

Create Draft orders that have a pet, friend or relative name in the same place as your store orders.

No longer have information missed because it was in the wrong place.

Save Time

Create Orders Quickly With Presets

Configure presets of your most commonly used sets of order attributes.

Create Draft Orders With Attributes

Add products and attributes to a Draft as a template to work from.

Add More Attributes To Orders

Forgot an attribute you need, simply add another to the draft or created order.

Edit Existing Attributes On Orders

Change the names/keys of attributes on orders. Not just the values.

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Available to install on your Shopify store for just $5 per month

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Stephen Keable

About the Developer

Draft Order Attributes was built by Stephen Keable, a developer based in Cambridge, UK who has been creating digital experiences and products for over 20 years.

Stephen has worked for several merchants using the Shopify platform, building Themes, Custom Storefronts and Bespoke Apps for them.